Therapeutic Approach and Training History

I work with individuals including teens and adults; as well as couples and families who are experiencing a wide range of psychological and relational difficulties sometimes due to:

~ feelings of anxiety and/or depression

~ experiencing parent child conflict

~ experiencing couple/partner conflict

~ experiencing major life transitions

~ experiencing grief and loss, and

~ experiencing recent or historic trauma.

My approach is systemic, meaning that I try to understand human problems in terms of the complex set of psychological and social systems in which they are embedded – your family, social, cultural, educational and emotional experiences. Therapeutic modalities that inform my practice include emotionally focused therapy (EFT), accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy (AEDP), cognitive behavioral (CBT), and lifespan integration (LI).

Training includes:
Emotionally Focused Therapy

~ 2023-ongoing Core Skills

~ 2022 Addiction Within EFT

~ 2021 Grounding in EFT Tango, Moves 1-3

~ 2021 Moving Through the Tango with Racial and Cultural Attunement

~ 2020 EFT Externship

~ 2020 EFT Tango Clinic

~ 2019 EFT for Difficult Couples

Gottman Method Couples Therapy

~ 2023 Level II

~ 2022 Level I

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy

~ 2022 AEDP Immersion