About me

Things that may be important for you to know about me:

I am a parent to two young adults, married for 25 plus years and my parents are in their generative years. I am officially in the “sandwich” generation. I believe life-stage and where you are in it is significant and therefore factors into my therapeutic approach.

Since my youth I have travelled, lived and worked overseas and throughout the United States. I know about managing major transition and change and living in cultures different from my own. Currently, I reside between Geneva, Switzerland and Bainbridge Island, WA where I practice privately as a psychological counselor working both in person and via telehealth.

About 15 years ago I began doing a regular yoga practice. It so positively impacted my life I wanted to offer it to others.  I sought out training and became a yoga instructor and have been teaching yoga, meditation and mindfulness since. I utilize this skill in my therapeutic practice helping teens and adults connect their heads to their bodies to develop an understanding that they have within them the ability to cope with what life throws their way.